Make Science Fiction Great Again!

Short stories by that most entertaining of SF authors, Jon Del Arroz!



A tremendous short story collection. The best short story collection. Believe me.

Read fourteen modern classic stories by the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, Jon Del Arroz!

Inside this adventurous collection, you’ll find tales of fighting monsters on alien planets, Nazi soldiers stumbling into a futuristic war where all life is at stake, AI coming to life and inhabiting a sexbot’s body, baseball on the moon, and more.

“Introduction” (ft. Daddy Warpig)
“Forging Babel”
“The Equality Engine”
“Love IRL”
“Altered Program”
“Project Scarecrow”
“The Last Blitzkrieg”
“The Romance Chip”
“Unsafe (in) Space” (ft. S.Misanthrope)
“Lost And Found”
“Winning Is What We Do”
“Clean Up Call”
“Gravity Of The Game”



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