Playlist: Hell Spawn

There is, believe it or not, no particular list for Hell Spawn.

Yes, I know. If I don’t have a list, what the heck am I doing today?

I said a particular list. I have few pieces of music that were instrumental to this novel. I had just really discovered Spotify and I killed a lot of time going to artists I knew and just hitting play on everything.

But then, as I came to the climax of the novel… Let’s just say that there’s a scene on Riker’s Island…. I came on this.

And damn this was awesome.

Oh, heck yeah.

I played this one on a loop for the better part of 50 pages. It was all hand to hand combat and punching, kicking melee. It’s Saint Tommy versus … no spoilers, honest. but it’s the last part of the novel.

Buckle up and brace for impact. Hell Spawn┬áis going to grip you like nothing else. I’m relatively certain of that.

Click here to get it.

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