The Culture War Landscape Is Changing

Over the weekend, we watched as those who built their youtube brands up on being culture warriors and proceeded to turn around and do to right wing comic creators exactly what those in the mainstream, leftist industry did, turn on the movement they helped grow and cultivate. They washed their hands of what they created because too many people were questioning their motives and the way they were going about ostracizing conservatives.

The result was a movement unified. A group of people who are really int this for changing the dynamic of comics and not for political litmus testing against conservatives. We’ve seen that before, we know how it ends, and it’s ugly.

I find myself energized and vindicated by this move, as I’ve stood tall with my resolve saying I will not apologize for being a conservative, I will not apologize for being a Christian. I’m going to continue to make books and comics the way I want to and no one can stop that.

My game plan has been the same for awhile and is as follows:

I still plan on releasing more pages of comics in 2019 than anyone else. I put every dollar I made right back into art and production so I can keep this going cuz I wasn’t in it for hanging on youtube, I was in it for trying to get to a point where I can put out comics monthly like the big boys.

It’s gonna take a lot of work, but we will get there as we’re putting together infrastructure to make it easier to produce and ship.

Either way, I have a lot of content to produce and a lot on my plate. I’m relying on Patreon backers to some extent so make sure to check out my patreon and get early access to books, comics, and short stories as they get released.


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