Sieg Zeon

Zeon Flag

In their ceaseless campaign to eliminate fun, SJWs have finally gotten around to condemning Gundam. The pretext? They find the Zeon flag problematic. Because blah blah blah Third Reich something something.

Zeon Idiot

Unfortunately for the SJW scolds, #GamerGate veteran Lo-Ping proved more than a match for their grade-inflated public school B- in history. It got even worse for them when Gundam fans showed up and went all Operation Stardust on the Leftoids’ breadbasket. Only instead of a colony drop, they used Zeon memes.

Sieg Zeon

Delaz Gato

Char Mocking

With the obligatory Bright Slap for good measure.

Bright slap

The Left’s conditioning really has rendered them incapable of interacting with culture in any way besides destroying it. Luckily, these bold Zeonposters have shown us the way.

Waste their time

 Will the SJWs finally learn their lesson? Doubtful. One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one’s youth. But relentlessly mocking their ridiculous tantrums sure is fun!

And if they found Zeon triggering, wait till they get a load of the Empire of Neue Deutschland in “Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden”.

Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden

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