Just Keep Going

Today is day 5 of Nanowrimo. I’m not doing it officially this year, but I’m still using the time to focus on writing. I’m at 3K words or so (I think.)

Whether I get 10K or 50K written, it’s more words than if I didn’t write at all.

And that really should be the goal for every writer…to write more words.

I watch other writers brag about writing 5k or 10K words per day, but they are writers who don’t have outside jobs, kids, volunteer work, other work, and offline friends (one or all), or they are unicorns who can get way more stuff done than humanly possible.

I’m a slowish writer. Even slower with my left wrist giving me grief. I do what I can and don’t worry about how fast or slow I’m going as long as I keep going.

Good luck to all those doing Nanowrimo and pushing themselves to finish. And a way to go for all those who just keep going.



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