Galaxy Ascendant

Galaxy Ascendant - Yakov Merkin

Author Yakov Merkin announces the exciting Indiegogo campaign for the third installment in his galaxy-spanning sci-fi series, Galaxy Ascendant.

Do you miss the days when grand, epic sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Mass Effect were good? Do you want grand-scope, creative, action-packed, and FUN space opera fiction?

Then come on over to the Galaxy Ascendant! We have action, adventure, romance, space battles that are among the largest in all of space opera fiction, and truly heroic characters!

Readers have only great things to say about the series so far, and A Shifting Alliance takes it to a whole new level. 

Come join us now!

One detail that makes this campaign so attractive is that you get all three eBooks in the series at the $5 tier and all three eBooks plus the new paperback at the $25 tier. It’s a generous offer that lets new readers jump right into the series from the start. Think I’ll steal the same approach for future Combat Frame XSeed campaigns.

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