To Purify the Church Restore Masculinity

Lay Cardinal

That’s the New York Times’ housebroken Catholic Conservative Ross Douthat gratuitously groveling before the coven of witches seeking to further feminize the Church. You can spot his knee-jerk effort to preemptively mollify his paymasters by its incoherence. Note to Ross: Nuns and abbesses are laywomen, in that they’re not ordained clergy.

The prominent Catholic commentators bending over backwards to state their support for granting women voting rights at Bishops’ synods are thinking as the world does. Two thousand years of Catholic teaching affirm the existence of two sexes with differing and complementary roles. This manufactured controversy over the recent synod is just a cynical power grab orchestrated by feminist heretics.

NB: Male superiors-general of religious orders have long held voting rights at ecumenical councils while female superiors have not, yet we’re supposed to perceive the continuance of this ancient tradition at a less important synod as a particularly grievous affront. Right.

It’s telling that at a crisis point in Church history when many young people–especially young men–are turning apostate, many in the Catholic hierarchy and press are calling for more of the same bad medicine. The bishops met to address issues concerning the Church’s youth. Funny how for the last few decades, “appealing to young people” has meant appealing to people who were young fifty years ago.

Here’s what no one in the Church or Western society as a whole wants to face: bringing women in is the best way to drive men out. That statement may sound counterintuitive. Based on males’ romantic pursuit of females, you might be tempted to assume that men want to be around women all the time. Wrong. Due to the aforementioned different yet complementary sex roles, apart from romantic interest and reproductive necessity, most men would rather not associate with women.

Still don’t believe me? Pay attention next time you’re at Mass. What’s the ratio of male to female altar servers, lectors, choir members, and extraordinary ministers? There was a time within the living memory of many people reading this blog when most–if not all–of those people would’ve been dudes.

“But women are only filling those roles because men refuse to step up!” I can hear you object. You’ve got it backwards. Men are avoiding participation at Mass because worldly activists pushed women into those roles.

We’ve previously discussed the obscene government funds the USCCB gets in return for aiding and abetting the demographic replacement of Americans with foreign invaders. [By the way, guess which voter demographic disproportionately supports mass immigration.] Building the Wall is a necessary step toward purifying the Church in America. Just as vital is reversing the destructive trend toward feminization by reinvigorating the Church with a dose of salutary masculinity.

Here are some steps American pastors and bishops can take to make the Mass masculine again:

  1. Impose an indefinite moratorium on female altar servers, lectors, extraordinary ministers, choir directors, etc.
  2. Relax the discipline of clerical celibacy to allow the ordination of married deacons as priests. A celibate man who never married is at a disadvantage when dealing with female parishioners compared to a man who’s lived and managed a household with a woman for years.
  3. Hold novenas and litanies to St. Joseph.
  4. I’d suggest encouraging young men to serve as altar boys, lectors, choir members, etc., but if you implement steps 1-3, step 4 will take care of itself.
Putting these suggestions into practice may seem too burdensome or difficult in these deeply ridiculous times, but they’ll be much easier than letting the Clown World incursion continue until Christ has to step in and purify His Church the hard, painful way.

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