Men of the West interviews Elaine Ashe



Today, I’m interviewing Elaine Ash; she’s the editor of the book Mental State by University of Chicago Law Professor, Todd Henderson.

Together, they had a very difficult time getting this book published because the subject matter made some people very uncomfortable. No spoilers, though you can read about it in the interview below.

How do you know Todd Henderson and how did you come to be involved in his Mental State book project?

Todd and I met in the comments section of Ace of Spades HQ. He had written a first draft of his political thriller and was looking for a conservative-friendly editor. Not an easy find in his town of Chicago. He emailed me, we chatted, and he hired me. I’ve never met him face-to face, but we still email every day.

Why is Mental State such an important book?

It’s important because powerful people want it squashed and disappeared so badly. Colleagues at the University of Chicago warned him that this novel would ruin his career and spark riots after forty-five death threats appeared recently on his voicemail. Now he’s been de-platformed and his own law school refuses to mention the book even though they enthusiastically promote books by other professors.

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