Writing Class nearly full!

The Art and Craft of Writing class is nearly full!

If you expressed interest on the previous post and did not know how to reach us, email me at gmail.  Username: arhyalon.

The information again:

The Art and Craft of Writing

a Superversive Writing Class

For some time, Superversive Press has been talking about putting out a writing course–a series of videos or podcasts. This class would be based on my Writing Tips, my The Three Things I Tell Everyone–my collected information gathered from my years as a professional editor, and on The Art and Craft of Writing, a class I taught last fall.

However, before we can do this, I have to put words on (electronic) paper and figure out what it is that we want to say in each class.

To encourage myself to do this, I am thinking of offering a writing course this November. The course would be specifically tailored to help people doing NANOWRIMO or revising a Work In Progress. The details are as follows.

When: Month of November

Subjects to include:

Description, Mood, Genre, Setting
Adding senses
Backstory vs. Revelation
Adding Exposition

Plot we’ve got, quite a lot
Strong openings
Two Strings
The Trick

Writing Three Dimensional Characters
Dynamic Characters
Goals and Motivation
The Foil

Heart and Soul – adding emotion
Interior dialogue
“Pink” passages

Also: Openings and Endings

Cost: $25

This class will be a text-based class with simple exercises designed to help improve style, characters, plot and more. Part of what I want to share comes from my experience as an editor. After a while, I noticed that 95% of what I was telling different writers covered the same basic points. This class will cover those points and more.

Slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.