Signal Boost: Tears from Iron

Presenting the first novel published by Autarch LLC, the studio that brings us the roleplaying game Adventurer, Conqueror, King

The treachery of oathbreakers shattered the world. But amid the Cataclysm, a new empire has arisen at last. In binding humanity to their service, the ageless Syraestari restored civilization to a world wracked by chaos.Vistus is a human warrior-brother, sworn to guard his masters from the barbarians and rebels that seek to drag the Syraestari empire back into darkness. His prowess in battle is matched only by his loyalty to the empire. Ninanna is a Syraestari Sword-Whisperer, venerable even in the eyes of her own people. Though she is the personal guardian to the empress, another Oath, more ancient and powerful, binds her destiny. As rebellion and war threaten the Syraestari Empire, Vistus and Ninanna must discover the meaning of family, of faith, and of sacrifice or all they love will perish. For the Cataclysm is not yet a memory, and the prophecies of dead gods may still overturn all that has been wrought.

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Tears from Iron by Jonathan Oldenburg is a story of heroism and the spirit of freedom that combines the magic of Brandon Sanderson with intricate worldbuilding seldom seen outside of the Lord of the Rings.” – L. Jagi Lamplighter, author of Prospero’s Children

“The beginning of an epic tale that I cannot wait to read more of.” James Young, author of Aries’ Red Sky