You Better Recognize

Better late than never. It’s encouraging to see Star Wars fans recognizing those who warned them of their beloved franchise’s imminent fall. Here’s @Dataracer117 reacting to my post from May of last year.

Wiser than Yoda

Dubious praise, considering Yoda’s Postmodernist turn in TLJ. The backlash wasn’t hard to see coming, either, in light of Mark Hamill’s public statement disagreeing with every choice Rian Johnson made in the Episode VIII script.

Wiser than Yoda 2

I’m glad people seem to like this blog. Providing accurate forecasts of pop culture’s ongoing decline is just one of the many services I offer my beloved readers. Stay tuned!

Wiser than Yoda 3

Since I’m not always right, and the penalty for prophesying falsely is stoning, no. I’m not.

Then again, it doesn’t take divine inspiration to predict where an IP helmed by people who hate their audience is headed.

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