SQUIRREL! and the Kavanaugh hearings

How many of you have been fixated on the Kavanaugh circus that was going on the past couple weeks?

I was definitely one of them.

I’m a bit of a SCOTUS junkie so I tuned in for what I expected to be a rather boring hearings. It definitely didn’t turn out that way. As to the guilt or innocense of Kavanaugh, I frankly don’t care. The Constitution nor any of the Senators gives a flying flip what my opinion is on a nominee so I don’t bother. The Senators made their decisions and he’s now on the SCOTUS.

I do have an opinion on the hearings. The Dems should be spanked and sent to their room like the spoiled brats they acted like during the hearings. Seriously, stop stumping and ask the nominee questions. The Repubs on the other hand should be spanked and sent to their room for allowing the circus to go on around the Ford claims.

First, after the first few protestors were removed, the hearing should have been closed to the public with only invited guests in attendance. It was rediculous to continue with constant interruptions. If the public can’t controll itself, they should not be there.

Second, the hearing on the accusations should have been held in a closed session. Full stop. There should have been no budging on that point. It would have saved her from the craziness of the media spotlight as well as protected Kavanaugh, regardless if the accusations are true or false. (I was not there and will not take sides as to who is telling the truth.)

I expect the next appointee for the court if appointed by Trump will incite a much worse response. Assuming the Republicans are still in charge of the Senate (which it is looking like they will be), they need to have a tighter reign on that hearing or risk violence breaking out. Okay, it still might, but at least it won’t disrupt the hearing.

In other news, I have gotten nothing accomplished.

This past weekend, I was double/triple booked. I chose recording a retreat for the Carmelite nuns over accompanying my husband who was playing at the local rennisance fair. He ended up getting rained out the one time I could have been there. Instead, I got a new cat-o-nine-tails and completely soaked walking around the grounds.

Now that all the craziness is over, I’m back to working. Maybe I’ll even get something accomplished.



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