Jon Del Arroz

When Science Is No Longer Science

October 31, 2018 jdelarroz 0

Dr. Hans Schantz stops by today to talk his discoveries in physics, and how academia has turned scientists into an industry of “consensus” rather than people who produce experiments to try to catalog the results […]


Halloween Red-Eye Livestream

October 31, 2018 xewleer 0

Sorry for the no livestream this Sunday. Starting around 10:30pm Central, I’m going to do a red-eye Superversive livestream for Halloween Night. Hope you enjoy the chills!


Review: Fade, by Daniel Humphreys

October 31, 2018 Declan Finn 0

A week or two back, I noted that I found the successor to Terry Pratchett. Now, it seems I’ve tripped over the spiritual successor to Jim Butcher. Where the hell have all of these people […]


Men of the West interviews Elaine Ashe

October 30, 2018 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

  INTERVIEW: ELAINE ASH – EDITOR OF TODD HENDERSON’S MENTAL STATE Posted by Phantom at Men of the West| Oct 30, 2018 | Culture, Interview, Literature, Politics | 0  |      Today, I’m interviewing Elaine Ash; she’s the editor of the book Mental State by University of Chicago Law […]


To Purify the Church Restore Masculinity

October 30, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

That’s the New York Times’ housebroken Catholic Conservative Ross Douthat gratuitously groveling before the coven of witches seeking to further feminize the Church. You can spot his knee-jerk effort to preemptively mollify his paymasters by its incoherence. […]