New Book Release: The Fight For Rislandia!

I’ve been waiting to get this full trilogy out for awhile, working hard, making sure all the pieces came into place and now we finally have a complete story of The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocole! The Fight For Rislandia is out now on Amazon! This is the darkest and most action-packed installment of the adventure as Zaira faces off against the entire might of the Wyranth army.

The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle is a #1 Bestselling Series and an award winner. Thank you everyone who have been so invested and took the time to make this such a success!

If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s the reading order:

Book 1: For Steam And Country

Flash Fiction (Free) – The Battlecry Of The Liliana – Takes Place Chronologically before For Steam And Country

Book 1.5: Knight Training (Short novella – good jumping on point)

Book 2: The Blood Of Giants  (Also works as a standalone jumping on point)

And now the epic conclusion!

Book 3: The Fight For Rislandia

Enemy at the gates!

The Wyranth Empire is marching on Rislandia City. Zaira Von Monocle and her airship crew are all that stands between the invading army and the total destruction of her country. 

After her expedition to the Zenwey continent, Zaira discovers the Wyranth have a new source of their giant’s blood soldier serum. The enemy has pressed the advantage and used the lack of an airship threat to gain ground. Meanwhile, the Rislandian Grand Army is running low on supplies and food. They can’t hold out forever. 

Join Zaira and her crew as they try to take on the full might of the Wyranth Empire and deal with a deadly surprise the Iron Emperor has waiting for them in the conclusion to this epic steampunk trilogy!

Update: Folk have asked for the print version. It’s up! The print version is not tying to the ebook right now for some reason on Amazon. Trying to get that fixed. It’s available here. 

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