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Readers have asked where the Combat Frame XSeed timeline diverges from ours. I always respond that it doesn’t. The series’ backstory starts at Current Year and envisions how the various crises now besetting the world might shake out with a couple of curve balls thrown in.

One central conceit of XSeed lore involves descendants of corporate oligarchs weaponizing their private space program. In light of that fact, you can imagine how amusing I found this story.

Elon Musk’s rocket-making company is not only tight with the Pentagon but, if duty calls, could also start launching military weapons, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer has said.

SpaceX is known for daring plans to colonize the moon and Mars, and it seems the company is open to including arms in its portfolio of things which they blast into space.

“If it’s for the defense of this country, yes, I think we would,” Gwynne Shotwell told a room packed with military officials and defense contractors on Monday, various outlets reported.

The executive didn’t elaborate on the types of weaponry SpaceX might launch. Yet, the Pentagon-linked crowd seemed quite excited anyway, as Shotwell’s response was met with loud applause. 

Speaking at an Air Force Association event, Shotwell boasted about the company’s partnership with the military. SpaceX has spent “a lot of time building our relationship with the Air Force” and is “now in a good position,” she said.

When it comes to weapons, it wouldn’t be that surprising that the rocket maker may actually end up on the Pentagon’s shortlist. The US Air Force was impressed by the successful test launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in February, and later awarded the company a $130 million contract to send a military satellite into orbit.

The company’s willingness to launch weapons might also come in handy after President Donald Trump recently ordered the creation of ‘Space Force’ as an independent branch of the US Command.

Right on schedule. It’s all the more fitting that this announcement comes from SpaceX since I intended the word XSeed to evoke the same corporatist aesthetic as the name of Musk’s company.

Stock up on canned food and water filters.

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