Just Getting Started

Admittedly, I didn’t know what to expect when I launched my Indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed. I certainly didn’t expect the initial funding goal to be met on the first day, let alone in fourteen hours. But that’s just what my generous backers did.

Indiegogo 101%

One key advantage of crowdfunding is that it serves as a barometer of public tastes. The results of a campaign will give you a good idea of whether or not there’s a market for a concept. I’d suspected mecha and Mil-SF fans were hungry for a story like XSeed based on reactions to the #AGundam4Us hashtag and Bradford Walker’s successful Star Knight Saga campaign. Meeting XSeed’s initial goal in less than one day confirms that readers want anime action with Western accessibility.

Well, I can say without reservation that they’re going to get what they want. I’ll be putting the final touches on the beta version of the first XSeed eBook today and sending it out to my beta readers. The fact that initial funding has been met guarantees that the second book in the series, Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40, is indeed happening.

And that’s not all! I can now officially announce “Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden”, an exclusive short story bridging CFXS and CY40, which will be offered free as a special bonus for subscribers to Nova Frontier, my dedicated XSeed newsletter.

Even that expansion of the brand is just the beginning. Cover artist Todd Everhart, mechanical designer ArtAnon, and myself, plus a constellation of all-star publishing experts, will continue to bring you exciting new XSeed content and previews as the campaign barrels ahead. New perks and stretch goals are on the way, including a possible audiobook by professional narrator Jim Fear.

We’re just getting started. But we can’t take our game to the next level without your help! Thanks to everyone who’s backed Combat Frame XSeed so far. Let’s keep this train pulling ten fully loaded boxcars at 150 kph rollin’! Back XSeed today!

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