Combat Frame XSeed Indiegogo Is Live

Combat Frame XSeed

Thanks to months of planning and the dedicated efforts of multiple talented creators, it’s my sincere pleasure to announce that the Indiegogo campaign in support of Combat Frame XSeed is now live!

Combat Frame XSeed is the explosive first book in a new military science fiction series that combines mecha anime action with Western style intrigue! The mind-blowing, star-spanning giant robot war starts here. Become an XSeed backer now to get early access to the book and other special rewards!

What rewards? Right now you can secure a trade paperback copy of this epic new series’ first installment immediately upon release, plus get the eBook two months before everyone else! Want to live forever in the pages of a major science fiction series? Go for the gold tier perk and become an XSeed character. Want to die in the same epic series? Claim the platinum tier to go out like a boss. Hurry, supplies are limited!

And that’s just for starters. I’ll be announcing some tantalizing new stretch goals when the campaign meets its initial funding goal, so keep checking in on XSeed’s Indiegogo page.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this campaign possible. With the help of hardcore science fiction fans like you, we will build #AGundam4Us. Deus vult!

UPDATE: I hadn’t even published this post yet when I saw we’d already hit 14%. My readers are amazing. Participate at your chosen level, keep spreading the word, and we’ll unlock the stretch goals in no time!

Indiegogo 14%

UPDATE 2: We’re over 50% funded. Can we hit the initial goal on Day one? You decide!

Indiegogo 54%

UPDATE 3: 78%, and the platinum tier is sold out! Don’t worry, though. All three gold tier supporting cameos are still available.

Indiegogo 78%

UPDATE 4: We did it! 101% funded in fourteen hours.

Indiegogo 101%

Don’t go anywhere. Stretch goals coming up soon.

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