We’re Not Worthy

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Every day, more people are waking up to the true nature of the culture war. The ranks of self-styled moderates are thinning as the Left has made clear that the only options are total submission to their psychotic demands or being branded a Nazi. Even your Boomer aunt on Facebook is starting to realize that SJWs want war to the knife and the knife to the hilt.

Most discussions of the current cold Civil War focus on the stakes. That focus makes sense, because what’s at stake is our survival. Fear is a great way to motivate people.

What often goes unremarked upon in these discussions is the matter of who deserves to win. It’s also not surprising that people avoid this topic. Both sides like to think of themselves as the forces of light locked in mortal struggle against the servants of darkness. It’s just assumed that our side is inherently worthy to inherit the earth while the other side is irredeemably reprobate.

Some might say that calling our side’s worthiness into question is counterproductive. Raising doubts is bad for morale. They have a point. Just look at any of the accounts that subsist on peddling black pills. You won’t have to look hard. Some people get a kick out of spreading misery around. Nobody likes those guys.

I’m not talking about blackpilling, though. Blackpillers make a show of explaining why a proposed plan won’t work, announcing for the Nth time that Trump is finished, or lamenting that the Left’s final victory is assured. I’m suggesting that we engage in a healthy activity that the Left is notorious for avoiding: self-examination.

If you rush headlong into no-man’s land without giving a thought to your situation or the enemy’s, you might win, but it will mean you got lucky. Knowing your enemy and yourself is a prescription for victory. It’s Sun Tzu 101.

We already know the other side pretty well. The contemporary Left have revealed themselves as bloodthirsty death cultists operating in a state of unreality. They want us banished to the wilderness to lick slime of rocks and be hunted for sport while they brainwash our children to hate us. Historical fact and their ever-changing Narrative are mutually exclusive, so we know that the Left’s victory would mean the death or history. Every achievement of Western civilization for two thousand years would be erased. Future generations would know us only as vanquished enemies of Progress, if they learned of us at all.

The Left is full of hysterical liars and would-be (for now) murderers. They don’t deserve to win.

But now we must face an uncomfortable truth. The Left did win. Their hundred-year march through the West’s institutions succeeded. They control every cultural organ from the academy to Hollywood. The Left are the Establishment, and we are the counter-revolutionaries fighting to take back their ill-gotten gains.

Yet the fact remains: For generations, we let these subversives and antichrists get the better of us. Our elders–and some of us reading this–were there when the Left came to converge the financial sector and big tech. They saw the takeover happening and did nothing. Or worse, they actively sold out. They inherited the richest cultural and material legacy in human history, and they gave it away to a horde of evil fucks.

What does that say about our side?

What does it say that we, the embattled descendants of those who sold our birthright for false promises of not being called racist, cannot muster effective cooperation? Cannot produce leaders who don’t turn out to be fame whores and grifters on the make for a fast buck?

The truth is, we are not worthy heirs of Jefferson, of Marcus Aurelius, of Christ.

Western civilization and all its fruits was a priceless gift that was never dreamed of before and, once it fades, will never be seen again. We don’t deserve it.

On the other hand, being undeserved is the essence of what it means to be a gift. We don’t have to be worthy, because no one ever could be. Perpetually flagellating ourselves for past sins real and imagined is a behavior the Left tricked us into performing.

Deserving to win is neither here nor there. All have fallen short of the glory of God. The question is whether or not we will allow His great gift to vanish forever from the earth.

It’s not a matter of being worthy. It’s a matter of winning or losing. Now let’s get out there and win.

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