Signal Boost: Silver Empire launches Heroes Unleashed!

Silver Empire needs our help on their new venture: Heroes Unleashed!

Russell Newquist of Silver Empire writes:


Next week we’re going to be launching a Kickstarter for a major new project from Silver Empire. “Heroes Unleashed” is a massive new superhero shared universe in novel form. Phase I consists of five novels – each the beginning of its own series – from five different authors, all set inside the same fictional world. Think of the way that Batman lurks the streets of Gotham while Superman soars over Metropolis, but they both live in the same grander world. Only in this case, we’re doing it with novels.Our first four novels are nearly complete, and the fifth is about 1/3 done. We’re going live with our Kickstarter project next Tuesday morning. Below is a preview link below for the Kickstarter campaign. It has a lot more information, and it will redirect to the live page as soon as it’s activated. Be aware that the page isn’t quite finalized yet.

I was wondering if we’d be able to get a shout-out for the project on any blogs, newsletters, and/or social media that you control. Tuesday morning sometime after 8AMCentral time would be ideal, but we’d be thrilled for a link at any point during our 21-day campaign.

As always, we’re willing to reciprocate with support for any of your projects. Just let us know what project and when you need a shout-out!
Thanks all of you for the support you’ve shown us to date!

–Russell Newquist
Silver Empire