To Purify the Church, Build the Wall


Another round of damning revelations has been brought to light in the perpetual gay priest child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. In sum, the State of Pennsylvania investigated 70 years of clergy sex abuse claims and found that 300 priests had abused at least 1000 minors. The height of the abuse occurred over a span of years from the 60s to the 80s. Statutes of limitations prevent criminal charges from being filed in most of these cases, so the PA Attorney General released the grand jury report.

As is always the case when insular, aloof bishops are caught covering up for perverts in the clergy, the whole media circus rolls into town. The usual troupe of performers runs the gamut from Stockholm syndrome cases who make public excuses for the pervs and their benefactors to blue checkmark hustlers taking a break from decrying the Church’s condemnation of pedophilia to scold it for harboring pedophiles.

Most people, scandalized by decades of garbage-tier catechesis on the Church’s part, rightly call for the perps’ heads to roll and take advantage of the zeitgeist to tell ribald priest jokes. The dwindling number of American Catholics breathe weary sighs, clench our fists, and break out our pocket Catechisms in anticipation of the inevitable haranguings in store at work and school.

Solving a problem requires understanding the causes. In this case, we’re dealing with an episcopate that operates as if it’s still the 1950s and the American Church rivals US Steel for clout. The numbers say otherwise. Let’s take a look at the data.

About Half

You’d think the guys in charge of teaching, leading, and sanctifying the Church in America would know they’re presiding over a flock with a 41% attrition rate. They sure don’t act like it, though–probably because they’re looking at this chart:

US Catholic Population

“Wait a minute,” I can hear you ask, “how can the US Catholic population be rising that fast when about half of cradle Catholics go apostate?”

Here’s your answer:

Comparative Catholic Population

Hispanics make up the largest Catholic demographic in all age groups from infancy to age 39. Those atrocious apostasy rates are being concealed by mass immigration.The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is living in a dream world because they have no skin in the game.

That’s not to say they don’t have money in the game.

40 percent apostasy

The US Catholic bishops have accepted the government’s thirty pieces of silver to betray their own flocks. It’s not just the money they take for refugee resettlement, either. Every Catholic institution from schools to hospitals has its snout buried deep in the federal trough. The bishops don’t heed the cries of the American faithful because legions of foreign faithful are drowning us out.

Any American Catholic prelate who speaks against immigration reform is either making a cynical appeal to keep the government money flowing or is a tool of those who wish to keep lining their pockets from the federal coffers. The Catechism clearly affirms the right of nations to define themselves and to legally limit immigration for the sake of the common good. Placing a moratorium on immigration from Latin America will definitely be to the good of US bishops rendered oblivious to the meltdown occurring on their watch.

If you want to purify the Catholic Church in America, build the Wall.

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