Signal Boost: Cirsova needs our help!

Don’t let quality SF short stories vanish from the face of the earth!

Many short story magazines have come and gone, including two of ours…but Cirsova plugs on. We have heard such good things from readers about their work. Let’s not let them down!

Cirsova Vol 1. Final Issues! (#9 & #10) Kickstarter

These will be the final issues of Cirsova’s first volume!

Money raised in this pre-sale will fund Vol. 2 next year!

We are closing out the year and the volume with a bang!

Issue 9:


  • All that Glitters, by Paul Lucas
  • The Orb of Xarkax, by Xavier Lastra

Short Stories

  • The Faerie Pool, by Edward McDermott
  • Our Lords, the Swine, by N.A. Roberts
  • The Bejeweled Chest, by S.K. Inkslinger
  • Antares, by PC Bushi
  • Cirque des Etoiles, by Bo Balder
  • Hot Water in Wormtown, by Robert Lang
  • Littermates (Part 2 of 2), by J.D. Brink
  • Jack’s Basement, by Michael Tierney

Issue 10


  • Crying in the Salt House, by B. Morris Allen

Short Stories

  • A Song in Deepest Darkness, by Jason Carney
  • Amsel the Immortal, by Lauren Goff
  • An Interrupted Scandal, by Misha Burnett
  • The Sword of the Mangoose, by Jim Breyfogle
  • When Gods Fall in Fire, by Brian K. Lowe
  • The Best Workout, by Frederick Gero Heimbach
  • Jeopardy off Jupiter IV, by Spencer E. Hart

As usually, we may squeeze a few other things. We’ll let you know.

What will the future hold?

Volume 2, we hope! Here’s where the $5k monies will go towards a potential second volume.

  • Kickstarter Fee – $500
  • Approximate Printing/Shipping Expenses* – $3000
  • 100k words of fiction – $1000**
  • Art budget for 2 issues – Approx $800
  • Money to pay our editors – Approx $100***

We’ll be making up part of the difference via residual sales.

* Based roughly on if everyone has pledged at the $12+S&H level; it actually comes closer to $3060-someodd, given the variance in sales tax collection by State.
** This reflects our future rates of .01 per word. Content for issues 9 & 10 has already been paid for with the old rates. To compensate for the reduced rates on the first 2500 words, we plan on reducing exclusivity to a 3-month period.
*** I’d like to be able to pay them more; they deserve it.

Additional eBooks at the $20+ Level!

A few writers who have been supporters of the magazine have offered to throw in digital copies of their own work if we fund.

These will be made available to ALL BACKERS WHO ARE PLEDGED FOR $20 OR MORE!

So, if you’ve pledged at the $20 full vol 1 digital, $20 ($12 + $8 S&H) physical subscription, or higher, you will be given access to these books.

Right now, we have confirmed Grey Cat Blues by JD Cowan, and The Hymn of the Pearl by Brian Niemeier.

Stretch Goals: 200 Backers (locked!)

If we reach 200 backers, we’ll have something really cool for you–probably fiction related! Will it be more stories? Art? More sneak peaks at Illustrated Stark? We’ll have to get there to find out!

Stretch Goal: 250 Backers (locked!)

If we reach 200 backers, we’ll have something ELSE really cool for you–probably fiction related! Will it be more stories? Art? More sneak peaks at Illustrated Stark? We’ll have to get there to find out!

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge this time around is that we’re actually aiming for an amount that would cover the expenses of putting out two issues next year. On one hand, given some of the past kickstarters there have been for fiction anthologies and new zines from people much more hip and cool than us, $5k is peanuts. On the other hand, it would require a significant increase in our existing readership to pull it off.

The increased number of backers would mean more copies having to be shipped out, which could either mean more time spent manually entering fulfillment information into Amazon and Lulu or time spent stuffing envelopes. Either way, there’s a chance I’ll be spending more time than in the past getting orders out to people.

The quarterly schedule has been pretty break-neck for us this year. However, I’ve made certain to get well ahead of the game on issues 9 & 10 so that nothing comes down to the wire. Even if we do get $10k, chances are we’ll still go back to semi-annual for 2019. Excess funds will be used to get other projects off the ground as we look into doing more special releases like Wild Stars III.

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