Combat Frame Data: CCF-09V

CCF-09V Veillantif

CCF-90V Veillantif

Technical Data

Model number: CCF-09V
Code name: N/A
Nickname: Veillantif
Classification: custom close combat high mobility combat frame
Manufacturer: Zeklov Corporation
Operator: Nouvelle France
First deployment: CY -2
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: Head height 18 meters, height with wings: 19 meters
Weight: 60 metric tons
Armor type: palladium glass microalloy/carbon ceramic composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1842 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2x 73,543 kg, 4x 18,391 kg thrust each, top speed 2700 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 17, 180° turn time 0.85 seconds; legs: top ground speed 205 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, sonar, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted in head
Fixed Armaments: x2 heat wing, mounted on back
Hand armaments: heat rapier, battery-powered, hand-carried in use; shield, attaches to left forearm, mounts retractable heat whip, powered by main generator

General Notes

The people of earth fought a series of long and bloody conflicts to restore their ancestral nation-states after the Collapse. Their hard-won gains were soon threatened by returning space colonists who brought powerful combat frames to earth.
To oppose the bid for global hegemony launched by the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition, some among the leaders of earth’s new nations sought to acquire their own combat frames. The largest combat frame provider to earth’s native rulers was Zeklov Corporation, an arms manufacturing company based somewhere in the wilds of Holy Russia.
Zeklov quickly gained a reputation for producing high-end customized combat frames to their discerning clients’ specifications. Additional services included luxury aircraft, armored cars, and even personal arms for VIPs’ bodyguards. Unlike the rival Seed Corporation, Zeklov strove to add a touch of style to each and every one of their products.
This high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail attracted the royal family of Nouvelle France, House du Lione. The dueling combat frame Veillantif was commissioned for crown prince Jean Claude Baptiste when the Dauphin attained majority at age sixteen. Branded by the Coalition as warlords illegally presiding over a rogue state, Jean-Claude’s parents were killed resisting SOC occupation before they could present their final gift. Zeklov delivered Veillantif to the exiled prince with his sincere sympathies. Jean-Claude bided his time, awaiting the day when he would return astride Veillantif to reclaim his people’s homeland.

Veillantif was designed for dueling instead of conventional warfare. As per Jean-Claude’s personal preferences, it carried no ranged weapons, relying instead on a heat rapier and a small shield mounting a retractable heat whip. The whip was composed of numerous metal segments topped with razor sharp hooked barbs ideal for trapping and disarming foes. Its entire length could be superheated with energy from Veillantif’s reactor, enabling it to slice through heavy armor.

Perhaps Veillantif’s mot noteworthy feature was the pair of serrated wings mounted on its back. Those who mistook the wings for mere ornaments did so to their peril. Not only did the wings help stabilize Veillantif in flight, their outer edges were lined with saw-toothed chains made of the same barbed segments as the combat frame’s heat whip. Likewise superheated by the CF’s reactor, the wings’ cutting edges circulated at extremely high speeds, further enhancing their cutting power.

Though it lacked ranged weapons, Veillantif made up for this design choice with a powerful array of drive and maneuvering thrusters fed by one of the most powerful CF generators yet produced on earth. This combination made Veillantif one of the fastest and most agile combat frames fielded during the conflict of CY 1. It remained the second fastest CF in service, surpassed only by Zane Dellister’s Dead Drop, until the advent of the XSeed.

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