Fat Kafkatrap

Alpha Geek Daddy Warpig shares news of the latest SJW kafkatrap disguised as entertainment.


Netflix’s trailer for its new series, Insatiable, is facing a backlash across social media for its apparent “fat-shaming” plot.

The series stars Debby Ryan as Patty, a high school teen who has been bullied because of her weight.

But some viewers have criticised for the way it appears to tackle the issue.

Ryan wears a fat suit for the role, while her classmates are seen calling her “fatty Patty” and making jokes about her in the trailer.

“Don’t watch shows where people wear fat suits. Don’t watch shows where they try to turn fat phobia and hatred into a joke,” one viewer tweeted.

As I’ve written before, there is no way to please SJWs. They are tantrum-throwing toddlers in pasty, soyfat adult bodies in perpetual search of a father figure to finally tell them “no”.

Schadenfreude bonus: B- list hollywood SJW Alyssa Milano draws the lardmob’s ire for playing a bit role in the anathematized show.

Milano tweet

When there are no normies in blue checkmark Twitter, the Left will waddle the web. Every feminazi that is not bullycided gets up and shrills. The shitlibs it shrills get up and shrill.

And unlike Romero zombies, SJWs are more than eager to feed on each other. Don’t bother taking their bait. Just sit back, take in the internecine struggle session sparked by a vapid TV show, and laugh.

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