Liberty Con, Courage of Martyrs and Going Dark

In 9 days I am getting married. In 10 days I’ll be an attending pro at Liberty Con in Chattanooga. Then July 14th I’ll be on a panel at OCon in Council Bluffs.

Because of that, I’ll be offline-ish until after July 4th.

If the world is about to end and you just have to get ahold of me, email me. I’ll respond when I have a free moment.

Liberty Con

For those going to be at Liberty Con, here is my schedule.


I’ll be signing copies of Path of Angels while I’m there.

For those not attending Liberty Con, the ebook will be on sale for 99c the days of the con.

Courage of Martyrs

On June 29th, Courage of Martyrs will be available for pre-order. The book will be out July 31st, with the final book, Calling of Saints, planned for December 1st.


New Covers

Because I didn’t plan very well when I did the cover for Path of Angels, the whole series has gotten a makeover. Here are the new covers for Path of Angels and the soon to be released, Courage of Martyrs:




That’s all for now. See ya after the 4th of July.








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