A War to Be Normal

Ethan Van Sciver - Cyberfrog

Yesterday I mentioned comic artist Ethan Van Sciver’s account of his amicable separation from DC Comics. Ethan’s a decent guy–the kind of normie entrepreneur, husband, and father one could once be in America before peak SJW convergence. It’s good to know he isn’t fretting over where his next meal is coming from since his independent Cyberfrog comic just raised over $200,000.

I take comfort in knowing that creators like EVS are out there, humbly making new culture to replace what the Morlocks befouled. I experience an altogether different emotion when I hear of the diabolical persecution SJWs subject honest family men like Ethan to.

In a recent video, EVS revealed more details about his parting of the ways with DC. In short, a rabid SJW named Tim Doyle stirred up such a social media shitstorm by doxxing Ethan’s finances that Ethan faced the choice of shutting down the YouTube and Twitter accounts he’d labored to build or departing from DC. Adding insult to injury, Doyle’s doxx pertained to a time of extreme crisis in Ethan’s family life.

From the transcript:

…Tim Doyle went into my records he looked me up and he found out that the house that I shared with my first wife who had divorced me was underwater. It was severely underwater. We’d only owned it for a little while. …it was very underwater I didn’t want to live there anymore. I didn’t want to live there anymore by myself; certainly not, and I was in love with my wife Andrea. I was in love and we needed to find a way to be together.

Andrea lived in New Jersey and I lived in North Carolina, and I needed to come home, and on top of that Andrea was pregnant, and she lost the baby. We lost the baby. There was an urgency to me being up in New Jersey, and Andrea couldn’t come here.

I take no pleasure in sharing the intimate personal details that Tim Doyle maliciously leaked and Ethan Van Sciver has since fully volunteered. It seems there’s simply no other way to drive home to normies still living in a fool’s paradise that there are no depths to which SJWs will not stoop to destroy us for pure hate’s sake. None.

I don’t regret it at all. It was the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do, but we did lose the baby and we had to try again. I’m glad that we did, because now we have Ava, so I don’t regret that, but that’s nobody’s business, and to be treated like this publicly because I voted for Donald Trump; to try to have my life ruined, he’s gone too far.

Lest you chalk up Ethan’s revelation of Doyle’s motives to grief and rage-fueled hyperbole, here’s what the oxygen thief in question has to say for himself:

Tim Doyle - Exhibit A through Z

Is the totality of our enemies’ depravity sinking in, dearest normie? Do you, at long last, understand? Ethan Van Sciver does, and all it took was for a fiend in a sknsuit to broadcast his private financial information from the death of his unborn child–a monstrous act which the SJW smugly justifies with the simple observation that the victim voted for the popular and hugely successful duly elected President.

The SJW swarm behaves like a pack of maladjusted hyenas because experience has taught them they need fear no reprisal. They smear and destroy with impunity because no one, thus far, could be bothered to punish them.

Watching Ethan’s video, you can hear him wrestling with these grim truths.

…make no mistake, this is war. We’re in a war. We’re in a war to be normal people. We’re in a war to be normies.

“Culture War” is not a metaphor. The West is embroiled in a cold civil war between the forces of Christendom and the sons of Satan. The truth is dawning on EVS, but sadly, his Conservative conditioning will not allow him to draw the correct and inevitable conclusion from the facts.

I’m not gonna sue him. I’m not gonna sue him. I’m not gonna threaten. That’s not what we do, okay? We bear up under this, and we succeed.

When Ted Bundy is gnawing on your thigh, just ignore him and he’ll go away.

Ethan Van Sciver has done nothing to deserve such execrable treatment. The only one to blame for Tim Doyle’s calumnies is Tim Doyle. At the same time, we get the treatment we tolerate. A bully and a psychopath abuses innocent people because he’s a bully and a psychopath. But the victim’s response affects whether he continues to abuse that particular victim.

We can’t we can’t descend to these tactics. We can’t descend to this. What am I gonna do? Am I gonna investigate this guy? Am I gonna go find stuff out about him? That’s not what I’m gonna do. That’s not what we’re gonna do. That’s not who we are.

Ethan, my dear friend, that’s William F. Buckley’s ghost whispering from the grave–the same grave where our freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom of expression are buried.
Who are we? We are adopted sons of God. That’s really why reprobates like Tim Doyle hate us. Those who work in darkness hate the light, Ethan, because they fear their works being exposed. We are the heirs of the prophets, the apostles, the martyrs, the missionaries, and yes, the inquisitors and the crusaders. If you balk at association with the last two, it probably means you went to state-run public school.
Your friend Richard Meyer is having SJW Mark Waid prosecuted under the Sherman Antitrust Act. How did the SJWs smearing Richard respond? Waid deleted all his social media accounts, and his sniveling followers came crawling to Richard asking to “open a dialogue”.
That’s how we win: by fighting back with all the legal weapons the enemy gleefully uses against us. You don’t win by sticking your head in the sand and hoping the storm will blow over. It’ll blow over after it knocks your house down.
It is not unjust to respond in kind when someone attacks you, and certainly not when he attacks your family. Quite the opposite. Refusing to fight an enemy who wants you and your family disgraced, disemployed, and dead is an abdication of solemn moral responsibility.
God has abundantly blessed you, Ethan, with talent, wealth, love, good humor, an admirable work ethic, intelligence, and humility. As Cobra Kai taught us by way of Iron Eagle, God doesn’t give people what he doesn’t want them to use. From those who are given much, much is expected.
You, and other normal men who’ve been similarly blessed, have a moral duty to defeat these monsters, Ethan. At the end of your hopefully long, joyful time on this earth, Jesus is gonna ask for the return on his investment. Will you and other Conservatives who’ve received a generous patrimony say, “Here! Take the resources, courage, charity, and reason you gave me. It’s all there. I buried it to keep it safe”?
You’re right that we’re fighting an existential conflict for the right to be normal. You’re right that our enemies are monsters in human form. You know who digs for a man’s greatest pain and rubs it in his face? Ask any exorcist, and ask him why everyone present for an exorcism must go to confession before confronting the Adversary who delights in accusing us of the errors born from our human weakness. There’s a flashing red warning sign as to what we’re dealing with.
Some may accuse me of talking out of turn. What I’ve written, I’ve written out of fraternal love for Ethan Van Sciver and all victims of SJW persecution. I speak from experience. The enemy is motivated by unreasoning hate. They can’t be negotiated with, they can’t be ignored, and they can’t be appeased. They will never leave us alone.
Hear Ethan’s story in his own words, and try to contain the righteous anger welling up in your heart.
Hatred of evil is no sin.

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