A Study of Alchemical Academies

Alchemy Academies

In the World of the Wise, most schools of magic teach only one or two Sorcerous Arts. (Only Roanoke Academy teaches all seven of the major Arts.) There are thousands of schools that teach alchemy. Each state and province has at least one, but not all of them are world renown.

Here is a listing of some of the most prestigious schools of Alchemy.

Note: Alchemy in the World of the Wise is the Art of putting magic into objects. All enchanted talismans and magical elixirs are reacted through the Art (though some call it a science) of Alchemy.

Falling Star Academy of Cathay

Cathay is a Country of the Wise, a democracy in Asia unknown to the Unwary (mundane folks). The Parliament of the Wise is housed in Cathay, and foremost alchemists in the world live there. Chancellor Snireth Ko and Councilman Lin Dze—agreed by all to be the two most powerful alchemists in the world–both teach at the academy

Xin Fu Alchemy Academy of China

Xin Fu Academy is located in Beijing. It teaches alchemy as well as scholarly pursuits, such as feng shui and omen reading.

Mt. Hengshan Alchemical Academy

Built on the side of a cliff, Mt. Hengshan Academy is run by the great master Master Hui Po. Like the school in Beijing, a mixture of alchemy and feng shui is taught. Mt. Hengshan Academy is famous for the devotion of its masters. Even after death, they remain to watch over and teach their students. Many ghosts of past masters can be seen by the perceptive roaming the halls or monitoring the classrooms.

The school emphasizes taking alchemical properties from natural elements. They have an extensive garden growing every herb imaginable and then some. One locked section of the garden has legendary and mythical herbs growing in it. Flowers that burn with fire and other strange things.

They make tremendously powerful amazing talismans, but for most of their creations they do not perform the degossamerization process to make them permanent. So they can do astonishing things for a month, and then the magic is gone.

Floating Flower Alchemical Academy in Taiwan

Once a sister school to the school in Beijing, Floating Flower is, in addition to being an alchemical academy, the center of the resistance against the geas enchantments used by the cabal of evil sorcerers who secretly run Mainland China.

Chungcheong Academy in Korea

Known for its excellent scholarship, Chungcheong Academy is not open to outsiders.

The academy is atop the plateau in the distance.

Jeju Island Academy on Jeju Island in Korea

Jeju Island is an amazing place, even to the Unwary. It is an International Island, accepting people of all nationalities, and it contains over 100 museums.

Considering that alchemy involved moving essences from one object to another, and museums collect objects, there could be no better location for an alchemy school in all the world.

Jeju Academy is known for producing some of the most unusual talismans known to the Wise. (Rachel Griffin’s mother and aunt attended this school as exchange students during their sophomore year of college.)


Between Okinawa and Japan are ten hidden Islands of the Wise, each named after a number from one to ten. The sixth island, Six, is the home to what many agree is, after Roanoke, the most amazing school of magic in the world.

Six is a school of alchemy, but people there also study canticle (the Original Language) and even some limied forms of enchantment. The students are especially known for their weather working and their ability to commune with the natural world.

The island is said to be always shrouded in mist, and only those meant to arrive can find it.

(The word six in the native languages of Okinawan and Japanese is: Roku)

Tennessee Institute of Alchemy

This institute teaches alchemy and enchantment specifically as applicable to farming.

Minnesota Academy for Alchemy and Thaumaturgy.

The foremost American alchemical institute, it specializes in applied alchemy for industrial purposes. It differs from the other alchemical academies in that it also teaches many popular mundane sciences.

This school accepts both magical and mundane students (though they are no longer considered Unwary if they attend). They are the foremost recruiting facility for Ouroboros Industries.

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