Partner with Superversive Press to make fiction hopeful again!

The authors of Superversive Press are planning to go to Dragon Con this year to hang out, sign books, meet the fans and get the word out, but to do this we need some help. Superversive Press is growing and we are hoping to move to the next level and get the word out! We want to bring hope back to fiction and want to partner with you to do so.

If you do partner with us we have some great rewards for helping out and helping us bring hope back to science fiction and fantasy. We have awesome projects coming up from Jon Del Arroz, John C. Wright and many more that we would love to partner with you to help create! We have rewards of books, t-shirts and if you really want to help out we will use you as a model for an upcoming cover.

The future looks exciting and we have some projects in the work that we can’t quite announce yet but will keep all backers in the loop for special early access and previews of what is forth coming.

Help us get to DragonCon and help make the future Superversive!

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