SHEIK OF MARS Preorders are up!

Check it out! This is the debut novel of Ben Wheeler, The Mad Missourian, sure to be a rising star for Superversive Press and the forces of good.

“Can a man save his true love from the tyrant of Mars?

Haroun Rashid has found his true love, Zira Al-Zuwar, but she has been taken from him on their wedding night by the powers who rule Mars. Gathering allies from the most unlikely places, he storms the palace of the Sheik of Mars, searching for Zira. No one can stand against him, but the price he will pay in suffering and death may be too much even for his resolve. The greatest beauties hide the worst snakes as A Princess of Mars blends with the Arabian Nights to create a tale like no other.”

Available for preorder on Kindle or Paperback, you are not going to be disappointed by the vivid language, poetic verse and top-flight action scenes! This is only the beginning of a writing career to watch!

The full release is scheduled for June First. Look forward to it and the livestreams to come every Sunday and every special event.