New Release: The Family Shame!

Our own Christopher G. Nuttall has released a new book in the Zero Enigma series! As a fan, I am delighted that this is out. Isabella was the villain in the first three books. Now we get to see her story and discover if she gets the fate she deserved, or if, perhaps, we might find ourselves gaining sympathy for her.

Isabella Rubén is a traitor – at twelve years old.

Disgraced, abandoned by her friends and shunned by her family, Isabella is sent into exile with scant hope of returning to her former home. Her destination, Kirkhaven Hall; a stone mansion miles from civilisation, inhabited only by a pair of older exiles. Existence as she knew it is over.

But as she tries to settle into Kirkhaven Hall, and a life far from the one she enjoyed before her fall from grace, she discovers that the hall has secrets. Intruders on the grounds, ghostly shadows moving at night …

… and a plot that may destroy everything she once held dear.

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