The War Has Begun. Choose Your Side.

I had hoped that things would change. I really did.

I got into writing and creating because that is what I love to do. I love to create new worlds and pretty pictures.

I didn’t expect to land in the middle of a shit storm where people are being doxxed, SWATted, and disinvited from cons because their ideas were frowned upon by people who can’t accept that others have differing opinions.

I had hoped that people would come to their senses and realize that ideologies can’t be stamp out by attacking those who believe those ideologies.

It didn’t work for the Romans, the Catholics, the Muslims or the Nazis, and it won’t work for the SJWs.

Instead, it makes those of us on the receiving end of the SJW’s bizarre infantile attacks take up arms and fight their stupidity.

Gone are the days of trying to work with those who need safe spaces and melt at the slightest pushback against their ideas in order to make peace.

Gone are the days of allowing them to dictate terms of engagement.

Gone are the days of letting the lunatics run the asylum.

It is time to fight. The war has begun.

(Okay…put the guns down. It’s not that kind of war.)

You can either fight on their side. The side of hate and destruction. The side that would rather tear society apart at the seams for their own sadistic pleasure. The side willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to punish and destory those they are against. The side of evil.


You can fight on our side. The side that chooses to create and build up society. The side that gives birth to beauty and fun simply for the pleasure of doing so. The side that debates ideas and leaves those with differing ideologies to themselves. The side of good.

This is war. Choose your side.


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