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A feud that’s been simmering between comic book reviewer Diversity & Comics and far left industry pros like Mark Waid recently came to a head. If you’re not up to speed on this continuing saga, the short version is that D&C started a YouTube channel where he frequently demonstrates how SJWs infesting the two biggest comics publishers are ruining the industry. Said SJWs have responded by calling D&C a Nazi, accusing him of harassment while threatening him, and making a concerted effort to deplatform him.

Sound familiar? It should. Readers of this blog will instantly recognize that D&C’s detractors are running the classic SJW attack pattern. It happens every time someone pushes back against–or even notices–the Leftist hijacking of a formerly thriving organization. And yes, there is a #ComicsGate hashtag.

Regular readers will recall my own clashes with the SJWs in science fiction. But over the weekend, former A list comic writer Mark Waid stepped up to prove that SF SJWs can’t hold a candle to their comics industry counterparts.

TL; DR: Diversity & Comics creator Richard Meyer teamed up with Marvel Comics artist Jon Malin and DC colorist Brett Smith to produce their own comic, Jawbreakers. Being indie creators, they started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project. The campaign has been a roaring success, and Jawbreakers secured distribution through mom and pop publisher Antarctic Press.

Enter Waid the Destroyer, who posted this on Friday:

Mark Waid

In response to which, Antarctic Press folded like cheap lawn furniture.

Antarctic Press 1

Advantage: Waid. But remember, SJWs never know when to stop. Shortly after Waid got Jawbreakers’ distribution pulled, the following story surfaced.

Full Disclaimer

In a not-so-surprising twist, Antarctic Press denied this version of events.

Antarctic Press 2

As you can see, the peanut gallery ain’t buying AP’s story, especially not #GamerGate veteran Ian Miles Cheong. Why did Ian come on so strong? Perhaps because this is what turns up if you go looking for Mark Waid’s Twitter account:


What’s AP’s explanation–that Waid pulled off a successful coup which ostensibly reflected the consensus of industry pros and fans; then celebrated his triumph by deleting his social media accounts?

Ian didn’t buy it, either.



Richard himself lends weight to Ian’s take.


Quick recap: Mark Waid called Antarctic Press and coerced them into dropping Jawbreakers. Waid immediately went radio silent afterward. A self-styled Marvel employee claimed that Waid’s boss put him in the social media doghouse.


Waid and Richard appeared to be at a stalemate, until….

D&C 2

That’s right. Fans vindicated Richard to the tune of .257 megastreisands.

But there’s more! Richard and friends, including DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver, have announced the formation of Splatto Comics to publish Jawbreakers.

This is what winning against a converged industry looks like. I encourage you to support independent creators who are fighting relentlessly against better-connected and better-funded opposition to bring you entertaining stories.

And don’t forget us OGs who’ve been on the front lines for years.

Nethereal - Brian Niemeier
UPDATE: Friend of the blog Bradford Walker reports that D&C is punching back twice as hard by filing criminal complaints against Mark Waid and Marvel Entertainment with the Texas attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission.
D&C 4
Here’s Bradford:

When this jumped off, I advised Diversity & Comics (the lead for this project) to collect everything he knows and report Waid and the others to the Federal Trade Commission. Why? Because, as Oliver Campbell said years ago when #GamerGate jumped off, the fastest way to de-fang a SJW point-and-swarm attack AND simultaneously punish them for doing so is to take this out of the Realm of Feels and into the Realm of Reals- and that means a Court of Law. It’s how Gawker went down like the Hindenberg.

Suing isn’t necessary. You go straight to criminal proceedings, and let the State handling the matter. At most you want a lawyer to push for a judge to block the SJWs from fucking with you further while the process plays out. But too many folks like Antarctic Press did, instead of just filing a criminal complaint and letting the State do the job it claims for its legitimacy.

Yes. Yes! THIS is how you deal with these totalitarian scum. You do not reason with them. You do not try to fix them, and you certainly do not give in to them. You use every legal means at your command to turn the tables on their witch hunt and inflict twice the pain they visited upon you.
SJW-ism is a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with fear. Thus, SJWs do not attack targets they’re afraid of. Give them good reason to fear you, and watch them turn tail and run.

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