Bestseller Larry Correia Removed As Guest From Origins Game Fair Over Politics

Breaking news.

Only a few hours ago, Origins Game Fair released their announcement of their guests of honor, among which was New York Times Bestseller, mega-successful rockstar writer, Larry Correia.

Immediately, SJWs took to the comments to harass and libel Correia, calling him a litany of names as is the standard fare given to conservative or libertarian authors.

Not even a day went by before the convention lost its mind and caved, uninviting Correia:

This is unequivocally over political stances as it’s about “personal views that are unaligned with philosophy.” Larry Correia is a center-right figure, and the convention has now targeted him over unspecified views. Good luck getting them to clarify which views are offensive.

Origins has followed Con Carolinas and Wolrdcon on this path where they are trying to deplatform anyone who’s even remotely on the right. This needs to end now.

We need to get active and fight back against these collectivist groups who think they can silence us. It’s an epidemic and it’s escalating to proportions we never thought possible. The incivility of the left is going to keep pushing until we make sure this is deemed unacceptable.

Boycott Origins. Demonstrate outside of it. Email the con and tell them what you think:

John Ward – Executive Director
[email protected]

Angela Ward – Deputy Director
[email protected]

Dominique Thobaben – Social Media and Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Ian Hall – Sales Manager
[email protected]

Jessica Davidson – Administrative Assistance

[email protected]

Paul McGraw – Events Coordinator
e[email protected]

Patti Brendlinger – Finance Assistant
[email protected]

Kelly Hyme – Convention Coordinator
[email protected]

Don’t let them get away with this any longer. This has happened too many times and our civil rights to speak, be authors, and live in a free society is at stake.

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