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Everyone Loses Their Minds

The Postmodern world isn’t so much a world without rules as it is a place where there are no longer any widely recognized authorities capable of enforcing the rules. This situation didn’t just materialize out of nowhere one day in 1968. At least in the West, disowning the authorities that used to foster social cohesion was a process that took about 500 years to reach this point. We bought into the pitch that tossing out the Church, the Bible, and finally reason would free everyone to pursue their personal preferences without fear of coercion. After all, each individual knows what’s best for him. Earthly paradise was always just around the corner.

A few weeks ago, an activist lawyer committed suicide in New York. After making a name for himself helping to abolish marriage and women’s restrooms, he decided that publicly burning himself to death in protest against global warming was preferable to living.

Some might call such an exit a senseless tragedy, but if you look close, a consistent trajectory emerges. Here was a guy who devoted his life first to the notion that there are no differences between men and women, and then to the idea that a man can turn himself into a woman. That these positions contradict each other must never have entered into his calculus. If he’d deigned to let his will be bound by logic, he probably wouldn’t have immolated himself for a racket run by science hucksters on the make for a government buck.

Then again, like, who are we to question the life choices of a sovereign individual, man?

A perennial normie mistake has been to underestimate the Left’s relentless drive to push the lunacy envelope ever further. This error is largely due to Leftists’ constant assurances that they just want one more concession; one last warping of reality, and they’ll be satisfied. That’s the problem with people who don’t believe in objective reality: They lie as easily as they breathe.

The gay lobby’s series of successful campaigns over the past few decades illustrates the process nicely. First they wanted sodomy decriminalized. Then they wanted hate crime legislation. Next came the call for civil unions–which, we were assured, was the endgame, but which immediately led to demands that primordial understandings of marriage be destroyed.

Even normies’ heads spun when the granting of these demands only emboldened the Left to use state and economic power in the interest of confirming a tiny minority of mentally ill men in their sexually dysphoric delusions. “Surely,” the normies said, “they must finally be satisfied with the abolition of women’s bathrooms.” Now the Left are agitating for minors to be given hormones capable of permanently stunting their normal development.

Study the Left’s behavior long enough, and it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that they’re spoiled children throwing tantrums in the secret hope that an adult will step in to put his foot down and say no. The problem is, we’ve long since done away with that kind of authority. The West is a room with no adults. It turns out what you get under those circumstances isn’t Neverland. It’s Lord of the Flies.

Others have noted that the typical Leftist goes about his day in a functional manner not unlike a sane adult–except when it comes to culture or politics, in which case he raves like an escaped mental patient. But what if that outward sanity is as temporary as the Left’s fleeting satisfaction with Conservatives’ latest surrender on yet another once-sacred social issue?

What if, as the tantrum continues with no adults in sight, the Leftist’s political madness spills over into other areas of his life?

We may soon be entering an age of what can only be called ideologically induced psychosis. What happens when the Leftist in your social circle becomes convinced–and calls upon the courts to enforce his delusion–that he is Abraham Lincoln, or God, or that the President is a Russian agent?

What happens if the facade finally cracks, and an army of madmen turns to the awesome power of the Western surveillance state to enforce their batshit whims? We may yet have front row seats to the big reveal.

…the villains are also evil and downright terrifying.

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier

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