Happy Frogs: Moving The Cultural Needle

We have a lot of work to do with the Happy Frogs, and we’re just getting started. So far as an organization we’ve:

  • Posted a 2017 Dragon Awards Recommendation Slate, and gotten every person nominated
  • Posted 2017 Dragon Awards Finalists Recommendation Slate
  • Posted a 2018 Hugo Awards Recommendation Slate
  • Posted a 2018 Hugo Awards Finalists Recommendation Slate
  • Made our own awesome T-shirt 
  • Held our own wonderful awards
  • Grown our membership by substantial numbers in less than a year of doing this

It’s only going to keep growing. Movements in culture take 5-10 years to really reach critical mass. Part of it is an attrition and a patience game. Most of us who were involved last year were nearly no-name authors at the time, and now we’ve all being lifted to respected professional status. The Happy Frogs over time is going to be a tide that lifts a lot of boats, and we’ll have more and more people tuning in just to ask “what the heck are they going to do next?”

Well I’ll tell you. Next is the 2018 Dragon Award Recommendation Nominating list. This will be unveiled on Monday, and we’ve created a slate that’s definitely going to draw attention, this time even better than last year.

It’s freeing on my end, now that I’ve achieved “award winning author”, I’m pushing the Happy Frogs to greater heights, as I’m not using it to try to get my own award. Now it’s purely about helping others and building a culture out of the ashes of the toxic one the establishment has burnt to the ground.

The awards will be done on Periscope, just like the last happy frogs announcements. So be sure to follow me there and tune in.

We’ll have more Happy Frogs updates soon, as we have a lot more planned. We’re organizing a community and taking activism to a new level.

And if you like changing culture, make sure to check out my award winning novel, For Steam And Country. I took Steampunk in a new direction when the genre stagnated. And people love it. Read it here.

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