We Are On Our Way To World Peace – How About Peace In Geek Fandom?

This last week has been one of the most inspiring, uplifting weeks in perhaps the course of human history, certainly of this century. We have Kanye West reaching across  racial and cultural divides to embrace President Trump, and vice versa. We have north and south Korea coming together and putting an end to hostilities after generations.

Whereas 2017 was the year of divisiveness, of demonizing the other, 2018 is truly the year of unity and love.

But our culture is lagging behind. Science fiction and fantasy, comics, the whole of geek culture is dragging our feet as to what the rest of the world is doing. Which is crazy, because we used to be the most forward thinking of genres. We’re stuck in the past, in a place where John Ringo is hated out of a convention because of his political opinions. Where places like SFWA or Worldcon area bout perpetuating angry cliques instead of being a safe place for all professionals to celebrate the field.

Let’s vow to make a change together.

There’s a lot of folk who call themselves my enemies, and over what? We’ve been fighting for so long that what are we even fighting over? I want love, diversity, tolerance, inclusivity. If you’re reading this and you’re a self-proclaimed enemy of mine, what in that list bothers you? Are those beautiful words only meant to apply to some and not to all? Let’s get beyond that kind of tribal thinking.

This is a call to action. We need to work to end this divide, and it begins with talking, openly and earnestly. John Scalzi, Cat Rambo, Kevin Roche, Mike Glyer, Jennifer Brozek, Setsu Uzume — this blog is for you. You have the power to make real change and bring our culture to a better place. Contact me and let’s make it happen.We can forge a new fandom in love and hope–together. Science fiction is not about the past, but about the future.

If you like my visions of the future of our real world, then you’ll probably love my book, The Stars Entwined. Humanity has come together, and though there’s drastic differences between us and the aliens, love has the power to change the universe. Check it out here. 



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