Cat Pay Pig

A Twitter user’s reaction to yesterday’s post perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of aiming for the emotions instead of the intellect.

Disney paypig 1

To the untrained eye, my interlocutor may look like a vaguely anthropomorphized cat, but its semi-literate tweeting soon reveals its true nature as a Disney paypig.

Disney paypig 2

Now, some might be tempted to rebuke me for excessive harshness. Wasn’t the cat-lady just trying to engage in reasoned argument about whether or not Disney is stuffing their movies with satanic agitprop?

If that was your gut reaction, don’t take it too hard. Even our dear friend JimFear was blindsided at first. But my study of cognitive dissonance and its many forms instantly alerted me that my post had triggered a massive case of CogDis in cat-lady, and her seemingly reasonable front was in fact a pseudo-dialectic opener concealing a personal attack. As you can see, it didn’t take long for her mask to come off.

And as we should all know by now, you don’t reason with people deploying pseudo-dialectic and rhetoric. You don’t answer their questions or justify yourself. You trigger their amygdalae even harder.

Disney paypig 3

Disney paypig 4

Disney paypig 5

Disney paypig 6

You know you’ve won when they start explaining themselves to you. In this case, cat-lady paypig’s transparent fumbling to cover for her illiteracy is icing on the cuck cake. “I meant to do that!” didn’t work when you peed yourself in second grade gym class. It doesn’t work now.

After that, the exchange had ramped up cat-lady paypig’s CogDis to the point that she had to retreat to stop the pain.

Disney paypig 7

And that’s my trick.

As predicted, there are many who are so dependent on the matrix that they will fight to protect the system that enslaves them. Decades of Leftist control of the media has produced a horde of people like cat-lady who will furriously resist all attempts to break their delusions.

Once again, this is why it is essential that we produce our own books, movies, and games with heroic and virtuous themes. And it’s doubly important that we support others who already labor in the field.

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier

UPDATE: The mask comes off.

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