Planetary: Earth Lineup

Earth Day was yesterday and I missed it. But, I’m not sorry because I am finalizing a great anthology that celebrates the adventurous and bizarre planet we live on.

It isn’t quite ready yet, but it’s getting there. I have some final tweaks makes and I’ve been procrastinating on writing the blurb. Ugh. It’s my least favorite job. I am still planning on a May 15th release if everything falls into place.

Lee Madison is creating an amazing and fun cover for this edition of the Planetary Anthologies. You can check out his other covers here.


There is a fun and interesting lineup of stories in this anthology from dinosaurs to post humans.

Silesian Treasure by WJ Hayes
This Planet is a Hole by Lou Antonelli
Extinction Point by Richard Paolinelli
I Hate Mars! By Arlan Andrews
The Mantle of Gaia by Jody Lynn Nye
Reality Run by Alfred Genneson
The Lamp By Which My Feet Are Guided by R. W. Ware
Escape From The Lost Land by Nathan Dabney
Unacceptable Losses by John M. Olson
Climate Change by Marie Genneson
Welcome to Mars! by A. M. Freeman
The Dawn of Reason by Dan Gallagher
Under A Wayward Sun by Josh Griffing
The Hidden Conquest by Hans Schantz
Complicit in Their Bondage by J. Manfred Weichsel
Ringrun by Ben Wheeler
Xolotl Resurrected by J. D. Beckwith
We’ll Always Have Earth by Bokerah Brumley


Check back, I’ll have more on the Earth Anthology soon.