Be The Change In Culture

Last week I asked a simple question, after seeing an article that virtue signalled to SJWs saying “Well I don’t always agree with X’s tactics, but….” in regards to a right wing  artist. It was another right wing artist’s blog and I made note on how the right always tries to disassociate with each other in order to prove our “reasonableness” to those on the left. All it does is bring our movement down, because that doesn’t happen so much on the other side. Why do we do this when it diminishes us?

Several people came on and mentioned my question, saying variations of “well it’s about showing we’re individuals and so we don’t have to answer to all of the things that x or y says and does.”

You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself though. Any reasonable person sees that, the only people who don’t, are our enemies, who try to drive these wedges, and that’s their inteniton by getting our side to say things like this. We fall for it like chumps.

It comes down to an absurdly woke tweet I saw from Kanye West yesterday:

“People demonize people and then they demonize anybody who sees anything positive in someone whose been demonized” – Kanye West

And this is the crux of why we fall for it. The person gets demonized, it’s in the zeitgeist to hate on the person, to at least “not agree with their tactics” which is a way of dismissing a person, and then to make a snipe at thiem. And this needs to stop on our side.

If someone is being effective and not saying something you like, don’t say anything. Promote something else you like instead. Move to the positive. It’s time to make a change in culture and we’re never going to do it by bringing down those who are moving up,

I’m all about unity now. Kanye West has really opened up the floodgates and changed the game about free thinking, loving everyone, caring about art first and creating with a passion. Staying positive. It’s the new punk rock of our culture.

The other side has the New York Times gushing about reviews of this political book. They have NPR telling you this arty farty album is great because it promotes communist values. We don’t have any of that. When did you see my books mentioned on Breitbart? Can you even name a musician who’s supporting our values out there?

Our media doesn’t care. Our media doesn’t promote. Our media is not out to actually do anything but complain about the SJW culture, and it’s not lifting anyone up. Why? Because our side is happy to disassociate with success when it comes. No one will agree with me or you 100%, but we need to stop with the caveats, the snipes, and we need to make change for real.

The time is now. Support artists who don’t hate you.

If you like my message, you’ll probably enjoy my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s about standing up as individuals, and coming together despite our differences. Check it out. 

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