You Have to Commit

Commenter anonme offers a valuable addendum to the Culture War Field Manual.

Going to agree with all the points, and chip in my two cents. 

>1. Stop Giving Money to People Who Hate You

You have to commit to this one. No you can’t just ignore them and they’ll go away. They want to ignore them, it makes it easier to put their boot on your neck if you ignore them. No, complaining on an image board or forum isn’t going to make up for it if you pay them. Don’t give them money. Bitching about loot boxes isn’t going to fix EA. STOP PAYING THEM. I don’t care if played all the other games and don’t want to break the streak. STOP PAYING THEM. “I can separate the creator from the content.” No, not right now you can’t. Most of them suck anyway, but even if they don’t, you can’t reward them for their hatred. You think Scalzi gives a crap? Are you going to keep giving him money to make condescending *pats head* comments? Make it hurt. STOP PAYING THEM. (And just torrent the damn things if you can’t bring yourself turn away, I’d still suggest cold turkey.)

Don’t buy their stuff, unsubscribe from their channels, don’t like their stuff etc. 

>2. Take creative political action

Signed to all that, but also don’t forget about local politics. It means more than you think. Especially if you can start de-funding public schools. 

>3. Push back in your own sphere

Do it no matter how frivolous the sphere. Even if it’s just a gaming thing, or a forum. Study the warning signs, and pushback and mock hard. Some one suggesting a code of conduct? Laugh them down hard, and get others laughing at them. “We need to change ____ so it’s more inclusive to _____”. The only response to that should be ‘no’. And ribald jokes. If the code of conduct has already been enforced, like Brian says, use it against them. 

>4. Get off the bench and in the game

I can’t emphasize this one enough. And pay close attention to what is needed. It is one of the great ironies that the Late Andrew Breitbart noticed that ‘Politics is Downstream from culture’ and proceeded to combat the left… by making a political website that didn’t really do anything with culture. Right now western civilization needs more creators than it does pundits. In my opinion we don’t need any more political blogs, podcasts, radio shows, etc. It’s frustrating to see so many smart, funny people taking their comedic talents… and doing yet another political podcast. Write a funny book, make a funny comic book strip, make some skits, tell jokes. Create! Use your talents. Write books, tell stories, draw neat things. Etc. Take back the culture. If Rupert Murdoch was who he pretends to be he would have sold fox news, and held on to the movie studios. (He’s not). 

This isn’t just limited to entertainment creators. If you have skills or connections, the world needs you as well. It should be pretty obvious by now, but no the free market is NOT going to sort itself out. The “free market” has a vested interest in keeping this going. We are going to need some alternatives. And very least try to spread around information, get friends to use DuckDuckGo instead of google, Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia, etc. 

>5. Get your ass to church

Since I’m not a catholic theologian, I’m going to be less picky, though I will specify that yes, it has to be a christian church. One of the three pillars of western civilization is Christianity. Look at how much the globalists and SJWs hate Christianity, and act accordingly. Their is a reason why their ‘religious tolerance’ makes no allowances for crosses, but does allow for genital mutilation, or why they are pissed about Chick-Filet in newyork, but not Chobani. Yes many churches are cucked right now, so you’ll have to do your research. Women in the clergy, or leadership is usually a red flag, as is any support for marriage beyond what is defined in the bible.

The world does not need more political pundits, nor does it need yet another podcast dedicated to sifting the minutiae of the latest drek from Hollywood, AAA game studios, or the Big Two comics publishers. If you wonder what kind of show I’m talking about, Red Letter Media deftly skewered that brand of empty pop culture advertisement-disguised-as-entertainment with The Nerd Crew.

If you have creative talent, the West needs you to do one of only two things right now: 1) Produce new and entertaining works that reject deconstructionism, subversion, and nihilism, or 2) Offer informed, constructive criticism on 1 to help creators improve their craft.

Don’t know where to start? I could use some more honest feedback on my new short story collection Strange Matter. Get it, read it, and let me know what you think.

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