Culture War Field Manual

Field Manual

Reader Heian-kyo Dreams comments:

I don’t watch much tv, but probably end up using some of the products with distasteful ads.

I don’t buy many Trad pub books, but I do buy a ton of indie authors (like you.)

I’m not sure how else to contribute to declowing the world other than writing a book and acting as classy as possible. Have any suggestions?

This is the right attitude. HKD shows a willingness to fight but, like most folks, is unsure about exactly how to proceed. Like he said, I’m an author; not a master strategist or social engineer. But I have spent a lot of time researching the culture war that’s rapidly escalating from cold to hot.

Accurate information is required to engage in any kind of conflict, be it social, spiritual, or–and this is best avoided–physical. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, if we lack a realistic understanding of ourselves and our enemy, we can’t expect victory.

Time to face reality. The enemy spent the last hundred years on a long march through our institutions and now controls all of them. Don’t expect any help or support from the mainstream media, Hollywood, New York publishing, academia, big business, or even most of the Church’s hierarchy. In fact, you should expect to be attacked and resisted by all of these.

Before we delve into options for fighting back, we must define our terms, specifically, ourselves. The enemy has done the job for us, since they are the ones who have initiated an unprovoked war of conquest against a foe they are all to eager to name. The boogeymen they seek to destroy are straight, white, Christian men and the civilization they sustain.

But even more vital to knowing the enemy is identifying the enemy. Who is it that’s actively campaigning to destroy Western civilization? There is far less consensus on who or what is ultimately driving the war on the West. It is tempting to simply invert the enemy’s checklist to derive the facile answer that the enemy masterminds are the gay/transgender lobby, blacks, Latinos, Indians, Jews, and feminists, but the strife between members of those groups and straight, white, Christian men is an effect of enemy action; not the root cause.

Others point to the recently emerged elite class of rootless, cosmopolitan managers. Look at who really controls the American and most European governments, and you will find the same kinds of people from the same kinds of well-off families who attended the same tier of prestigious schools and live in the same class exclusive neighborhoods. Our managerial elite inhabit an incestuous hive mind where the desirability of multiculturalism, socialism, and globalism is taken for granted. They cannot comprehend anyone having a contrary opinion. Therefore cognitive bias compels them to dismiss those who reject globalism–most of the people they rule over–as backward rubes. And because rejection of the elites ideas is taken as an affront to their shared identity, our rulers respond with hatred.

As a result, our ruling class imports waves of incompatible foreigners from cultures with no concept of individual liberty, the intrinsic dignity of human life, or merit-based achievement. Seeing highly skilled but clannish and nepotistic invaders taking our high end jobs, low-skilled invaders taking our blue collar jobs, and unemployable savages beating and raping our women gives our rulers a rush of vicious glee. They firmly believe we have it coming, so they double down.

And yet, not even widespread noblesse malice fully explains the reckless hate directed at us by our rulers or the sadistic cruelty with which they not only seek to disenfranchise us, but to systematically remove all sources of joy from our lives.

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the premeditated alienation of their own audiences currently underway in Hollywood and the comics industry. Now these two converged sectors have joined forces to increase their customers’ suffering.

This is Starfire from DC Comics.

No. The one on the left. Hold on.

Starfire 2

Much more illustrative. This amateur cosplayer aptly demonstrates how an IRL version of what is arguably DC’s most beautiful character should look.

Here’s the official version from the upcoming live action Teen Titans movie.

Starfire 3

It’s even more insidious than the obvious attempt at orange erasure. Here is Anna Diop, the actress portraying Starfire in the film:

Anna Diop

Note that she is far, far hotter out of costume. This marring of her beauty is deliberate. Nothing you see in a modern movie is an accident. Multiple design teams were paid handsomely to make Starfire ugly.

There can be no other motive for throwing a rock through a stained glass window than diabolical hatred of Beauty itself and the Truth that beauty reveals. We now know what we’re ultimately up against. The enemies are sin and Satan.

Now that we know the enemy’s definition of us and we’ve defined the enemy, here’s what you can do to fuck up his malevolent, democidal plans.

1. Stop Giving Money to People Who Hate You

Don’t be a nerd culture paypgig. Converged entertainment company managers know they’re alienating their core audience, and they don’t care. Making money isn’t their chief concern. Their primary aim is to make you miserable. As a result, they’ll eventually bankrupt themselves, but they’ll do catastrophic cultural and spiritual damage on the way down.

Hasten their demise and mitigate the fallout by simply not giving these reprobates the money their government cronies make sure you’re earning less of. Do not pay to see any new Hollywood films. There is, bluntly speaking, no excuse for paying the major studios, Netflix, etc. to insult you.

Entertainment alternatives abound. has a free library of classic movies you couldn’t exhaust in a lifetime. They’ve also got tons of music and even books and short stories from the pulp era. If you’d like more contemporary reading material, find and support unpozzed indie authors like yours truly.

2. Take creative political action

Hat tip to the commenters over at the Z Blog for this one. Perhaps the most important fruit of Trump’s election has been the full public exposure of the Samp/Deep State/Military-industrial Complex’s control over the government. The curtain has been torn down, and the small, petty men pulling the levers of power stand revealed for all to see.

Only binary thinking dullards still labor under the illusion that there is an essential difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. Only Boomers wearing rose-colored glasses still think it’s just “a handful of bad apples” disrupting operations at the DOJ, FBI, State Department, and CIA.

Representative democracy in America is a farce. We are ruled by unaccountable globalist bureaucrats whose desperate efforts to ensure our votes don’t matter are growing increasingly brazen. Their endgame is to dissolve the people and elect another.

Options for fighting back at the ballot box are limited but not nonexistent. If you live in a district that reliably goes for the GOP in national elections, vote in the primaries for Republican candidates running on a platform of restricting immigration and draining the swamp. All other policy considerations should be placed on the back burner until the present crisis has been dealt with.

If you live in a reliably blue district, vote in the Democrat primary for the most psychotic, intersectionalist candidate on offer. Choosing your guy’s opponent is a patented Democrat trick that we should co-opt.

In either case, donate to the campaigns of populist nationalist candidates across state lines–always in conformity with all applicable election laws.

3. Push back in your own sphere

SJWs are the enemy’s shock troops. Their job is to enforce the multicult’s heretical precepts by doxxing, disemploying,and sometimes physically attacking dissenters. But SJWs have the same psychological weakness as all narcissistic bullies. They’re not emotionally equipped to handle resistance.

One of our major advantages is that SJWs are all plugged into a hive-minded cult. Their emotional fragility and paranoid fear of heterodoxy can be used to beneficial–and spectacular–effect.

Pick out a low-to-mid-level SJW enforcer in your organization. What the organization is doesn’t matter. These tactics apply equally at the office, a club related to your hobby, or in your church’s administration. The cult’s doctrines are constantly changing, so it won’t be hard to dig up a tweet, email, or Facebook post from just a couple years ago wherein the target SJW committed what is now a violation of the Narrative.

Anonymously pass this violation along to HR, the club officers, or your church elders. Make sure to mention that the subject’s behavior makes you feel unsafe. Sit back and watch as a witch hunt is promptly stirred up against not only the initial offender, but EVERYONE. Knowledge of one heretic in their ranks will immediately raise suspicions of others hiding under every rock. Repeat until the constant inquisitions are consuming so much of your organization’s SJWs’ time that they can no longer perform their actual jobs and must be replaced. Or the organization is destroyed. Either way, it’s win/win.

If you are targeted by the SJW witchfinders, remember:

  1. Don’t apologize.
  2. Don’t resign.
  3. Cultivate outcome independence and antifragility by having a backup plan in place.
SJWs are a small but vocal minority. Most normal people overestimate the witch hunters’ numbers and strength. Understand that the long-term costs of going along to get along vastly outweigh the short-term costs of resisting them.
4. Get off the bench and in the game
As mentioned above, decades of infiltration into our institutions and national bureaucracy have greatly limited the effectiveness of dissident political action. But politics is downstream from culture, and it has never been easier for sane men to make effective cultural contributions.
If you have the talent and inclination, I strongly encourage you to begin producing works that will assist in preserving and rebuilding Western culture.
  • Self-publish a science fiction novel in the tradition of the pulps.
  • Get some friends together, rent a camera, and do some guerrilla film making.
  • Record and release a rock album that retains the genre’s blues roots.
  • Produce an independent comic featuring virtuous men performing acts of real heroism.
  • Start a podcast or a vlog dedicated to some aspect of traditional Western culture.
  • Blog daily, offering constructive criticism aimed at helping other artists improve.
  • If you’re not artistically inclined, support the creators who are.  

5. Get your ass to church

We contend not with flesh and blood, but with powers, principalities, and spirits of the air. Even our destruction is not the enemy’s ultimate goal, but a means to his real aim of striking at the Christ. And without Christ’s help, we cannot prevail.

Yes, much of the church’s leadership is converged. But they are just the earthly tip of a vast transcendent reality that descends iceberg-like from heaven. However many Judases in the Church Militant the enemy corrupts, he cannot touch the Church Triumphant. If the temple is a den of thieves, go and cleanse it. A great cloud of witnesses cheers you on.

For the unbelievers among us, understand that you are walking unarmed into a spiritual battle. Your rejection of God is not sufficient cause for the enemy to spare you. The civilization that Christians built has afforded you the freedom you’ve abused to attack its source, and if Western civilization is destroyed, your license will perish with it. You can spend an hour every Sunday LARPing for the sake of Christendom instead of being the NFL’s paypig.

The battle before us seems daunting. We face relentless attacks on all fronts from an enemy that cannot be appeased, dissuaded, or bargained with. But since they have us surrounded, there’s no way the enemy can escape.

I understand that many people cannot take all, or even most, of the steps in this post. That’s fine. Do what you can where you are with what you’ve got. If only ten percent of normal people stood up, we’d win the war tomorrow.

Live on your feet or die on your knees.

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