Never Give An Inch To SJWs, OdysseyCon Learns

You might remember last year, when I made an effort with several other great authors to support OdysseyCon, after SJW author Monika Valentinelli decided to torch the convention last minute and flake as a guest, citing that she literally couldn’t even that some man was going to be there who made an off color joke to someone unrelated at WisCon several years earlier at a party.

Tad Williams then went to virtue signal and torch the con.

The artist guest of honor did the same.

The Con tried to apologize, removed the fellow from attending the con, and it didn’t matter anyway. The SJWs had their teeth in, and once they get there, they only push harder. You can never signal hard enough. Just like Tor’s #FearlessWomen only brought criticism that they weren’t politicking hard enough, OdysseyCon learned the hard way that dealing with the SJWs just means:

  1. You can’t appease them
  2. Your volunteers burn out because the heat is too much
  3. People get turned off cuz they just want to go have fun and not deal with political nonsense

It’s very sad because OdysseyCon is run by very nice people. And this is the destruction SJWs bring on fandom.

It makes me wonder what’s going to happen to Con Carolinas now that they’ve gone down the SJW rabbit hole and banned John Ringo from attending? It’s “mutual” they say, but it just means Ringo is being nice and not torching the volunteers. They still are bowing and acting like removing Ringo from the con is removing ‘harassment.”

We will have more on that later. For now, just another example of trying to appease the crazies. When the crazies run free, the families and paying attendees flee.

And the SJWs really don’t want you to read my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s all about overcoming differences and working together for good. They can’t stand that.  Read it here.  

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