Press Release: Jon Del Arroz’s Statement On SFWA President’s Continued Bigotry


Jon Del Arroz’s Official Statement On SFWA President’s Continued Bigotry

Cat Rambo’s Conduct Toward Science Fiction Professionals Is Reprehensible

San Francisco, CA April 13, 2018.  SFWA President Cat Rambo has shown nothing but contempt for the independent author community in statements dating back to last year, when she called a blog post on rallying independent authors for successful self-publishing, “egregious stupidity.” This was her first attack on award nominated and bestselling Hispanic author, Jon Del Arroz’s content. Since then, she has continued to rally against his work, as if his and other independent authors’ ability to self-publish and create well-loved science fiction series is a threat to her career.

After her attack, Mr. Del Arroz spoke with Cat Rambo, attempting a civil dialogue with the SFWA President. When his next fact-based post was released, detailing examples of the publishing industry’s bias toward female authors, and subsequently against males (as confirmed in statistics presented by the respected newspaper, The Guardian), Ms. Rambo took her harassment of Mr. Del Arroz to a new level. She taunted Mr. Del Arroz, calling his figures “alt-numbers”, while never providing any statistics of her own as a counter argument. She since took to her platform to tarnish Mr. Del Arroz’s reputation, and used the SFWA official non-profit organization account, in a violation of their rules, to further spread her personal dispute with Mr. Del Arroz and vendetta against male authors.

What followed from Ms. Rambo was a campaign of slander, libel, and character assassination, as she called on writers in the field to shun Mr. Del Arroz, because he replied to her attacks with a light-hearted, funny meme inspired from the promotional poster of the popular film, Mean Girls. Mr. Del Arroz’s attempts to laugh off Ms. Rambo’s rage was hampered by her very real attempts to injure his business, which inspired an anonymous alt-left internet troll to send a dangerous, unsolicited spring-loaded package to his house. Ms. Rambo refused to tell her supporters that such behavior is not acceptable.

Mr. Del Arroz was subsequently blacklisted by the SFWA organization in Ms. Rambo’s personal vendetta, with a libelous claim about him, illegally discriminating against him by holding him to standards that others of different political affiliations are not held to. SFWA did not contest that Mr. Del Arroz has the credentials to be a member, but still denied him to from the club for political reasons, despite being an open-to-professionals, public non-profit organization.

It appeared Ms. Rambo was content to leave it there, until yesterday, April 12th, 2018, at 6:07 PM PST, when Ms. Rambo added fuel to the fire, attacking Mr. Del Arroz once more. Her tweet was as follows:

“I don’t know why she would target me for her harassment again,” Mr. Del Arroz said. “It’s shocking. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m male, Hispanic, or conservative, or perhaps all three, but her continued attacks on me are completely uncalled for.”

Mr. Del Arroz has been in a constant battle for civil rights, since Worldcon 76 in San Jose banned him under false pretenses because of his outspoken conservative views. Conservatives have been under attack in fandom, which is continuing to escalate, most recently with an alt-left hate mob threatening boycott of a convention unless New York Times bestselling author, John Ringo, is removed as a guest. Mr. Del Arroz has expressed his support and solidarity the victim, Mr. Ringo, and vows to continue his fight for equal rights for conservatives and male authors within the publishing industry.

Jon Del Arroz is the Leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, multi-award nominated and bestselling author, and a professional journalist. His new novel, The Stars Entwined, is available for purchase on amazon, and is already being discussed for contention for major science fiction literary awards.  

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