Easter releases are here!

Superversive Press has three great new books out for Easter to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Check out this collection of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy and you wont be disappointed!

The first is Blessing and Trials by Thomas Davidsmeier.

A Sojourner settlement is attacked by Exile fallen angels and their monstrous minions. Three young friends are separated from their families. Now the soldier’s son Litharus, loving and kind Ingrid,and precocious Gwendolyn must set out together to find their parents. Even though the whole world seems to be aligned against them, they have a secret advantage. Each of these young Sojourners has a special magical Blessing. Are these magical talents enough to escape the Exiles hunting them and help them finally find safety in their parents’ arms?

The intertwined tales in Blessings and Trials span generations and cross seas and continents. They are woven into a world full of dragons, demons, and angels that has been shaped by the currents of magical powers throughout its history. But like the works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis that inspired it, this novel is an authentic story of Faith, Hope, and Love battling the forces of Evil.

Second we have Lou’s Bar and Grill: Seven Deadly Tales by Frank B. Luke.

This bar has no regulars. But it’s not a regular bar.

Customers drift into Lou’s Bar & Grill with the usual broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams, but Lou knows what they want and how to serve it up for them…for a price. There’s beer on tap for the average customer, but Lou recognizes the special customers, the ones who need just a little bit more.

Sheila sidles up to the table and asks what they want. A burger? Sure. But maybe Brad also craves that hot woman who’s always turned him down. Maybe Laney’s still humiliated by her cheating ex, and she’d gladly rip out his heart.

Moe can grill up that burger, and Lou’s got beer on tap, but once they sign their names at the bottom of the order pad, they might just get the house special. It’s a bargain–a Faustian bargain–and seven customers are about to get everything their hearts desire.

Lou’s Bar & Grill isn’t for the faint of heart. Everything they want is within their grasp, but always remember that when the Devil writes the contract, he’s also in all the details.

Finally we have In the Shadow of the Cross by Lou Antonelli

Over a 15 year career devoted primarily to short science fiction, Lou Antonelli was unusual in that he accurately depicted the role of religion in people’s lives. In a nation and era when religion in general – and Christianity in particular – is being oppressed by the opinion leaders of America, Antonelli – who is a life-long journalist – depicted religion as it should be if political correctness in the science fiction field didn’t suppress it.

This collection gathers up stories Antonelli wrote over the years where Christianity plays a role. They range from down home and next door to far flung and in outer space. They remind us that despite the best efforts of a Godless material world, Christianity is a sturdy creed that remains a vital part of many people’s lives.