The Wonderful World of Monster Collection

Article by Orville E. Wright

The Wonderful World of Monster Collection

Hello again, I will be starting a new series of articles about a sub-genre of R.P.G.’s I call the Monster Collection Genre. This part will deal with a basic definition of the genre and some rules for how this series will work. The series itself will go into the general history of the Monster Collection genre and some of its most famous franchises.

Now, what is the definition of a Monster Collection game or story. As the name suggest, any story or game that involves capturing, befriending, or raising the monsters of the world is a monster collection game.

The general format for these types of story in game form is a R.P.G. and often has a very colorful world of monsters and more monsters. Most games of this type are meant to be enjoyed by children but, if they are good, can be enjoyed by adults.

Now, most people do not know that this is t’s own genre, and just think that every game in this field is a Rip-off Pokemon. It is not. Pokemon is just the most famous series of this type. Most other games in this category ether got their idea from another source or were merely inspired by it.

Another idea many people who are not fans of this genre have is that games based of shows like Yu-gi-oh are in this genre. This is neither entirely true nor entirely false. While the games share the main mechanic of monster collection, namely collecting, they are not about collecting monsters but cards, a different genre of both games and stories altogether.

A third thing everyone should know is that this genre is not limited to games. It is a genre that transcends medium. Any story about collecting or making friends with monsters is in this category. The only element that the gaming medium adds is R.P.G. game mechanics.

Now for the rules. Every article I will talk about the history of a different series in this genre. I will go in chronological order, as best I know it, starting with the first series in this genre and going towards the present day. I will also go into the general themes of the series and it’s specific gaming quirks.

This will be all for now but look forward for my first real article on this subject. Ut will probably surprise and confuse you. until then, have fun.


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