New Audiobook Release: Escaping Infinity

And the good news keeps right on rolling in!!!!

For fans of Escaping Infinity – or fans of superversive science fiction/fantasy in general – who don’t have a lot of time to read a book but do have plenty of time to enjoy audiobooks there is a new release just for you.

The audiobook version of my Dragon Award-nominated hit, Escaping Infinity, is now available for purchase on Audible and should be up on Itunes in a few days. Here’s the link to purchase your copy now:

It is just $19.95 on Audible right now and if you don’t have an audible account yet you can sign up for one and get Escaping Infinity for free as your first audiobook on Audible. Win-Win!
A.W. Miller does a fantastic job bringing to life all of the characters, their voices and their unique accents – and I put him through a lot of those in this book – and I think you will agree he did a great job here.

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