New Release 2.0: The Last Lonely Trail

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you might recall when I said I was a busy writer in 2017? I meant it.

Yes, there’s another new release to chat about: The Last Lonely Trail.  It’s a western novel I co-wrote with my The Writer’s Block co-host Jim Christina. Here’s the synopsis:

U.S. Marshal. David Crockett Hall and Texas Ranger, John Barclay Armstrong have set out chasing men, each for their own reasons. When their paths converge in Kansas, they discover the men they were following separately have now joined together and are heading for a giant payday somewhere,, but where the two lawmen don’t know.

This story is about camaraderie, friendship, hardship and an unerring desire to complete their jobs at any and all costs.

Set against the background of the late 1870’s, the story takes us across the mid-west, southwest and into Colorado, unfolding a tale of two strangers becoming friends.

I’ve never co-written a book before and had no idea how the process was going to play out. Now that it is all done I can say this: IT WAS A BLAST!!!! I’d also never written a western before, but I’d read every Louis L’Amour book the master had ever written, and I think the two of us came up with a very good read.

So the obvious next question is: Will I dip my toes back into the genre anytime soon? Yes and no. Yes, I will and no, it won’t be at least until late next year because I have several other projects queued up that I need to get to and complete first. But I can tell you it will involve a riverboat gambler solving a mystery while dodging lead.

Jim, on the other hand, is already hard at work on his next project – no spoilers – and I think you’ll enjoy it. But in the meantime, give our “spaghetti western” a try.

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