Open Submission: The Sol Anthology

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My ancestors, the Henderson clan, have this motto inscribed on a belt below a hand grasping the sun and moon: Sola Virtus Nobilitat (Virtue alone ennobles).

We all know that author’s hate the sun above all things. This article is being written at night, after all. Always glaring on our computer screens… But lets honor it, being as much God’s creation as we are, with an anthology. Announcing Superversive Planetary Anthology: SOL

The themes to follow: Nobility and Righteousness. But also, godhood, fire, harvest and good fortune.

Let’s go for 3k to 8k words, but a little over or under for top-tier stories will be fine. Anything fantasy and Science Fiction, but I’m not rigid on this. An essay on weaponizing the sun as a last-ditch effort to defeat an alien bug menace? Tantalizing. A story on man’s hubris? Alright. A man fighting against a sun cult? Sure. A scarecrow that comes alive with the power of the sun and the harvest to terrify the villagers? I like your thinking, but are you sure that’s not a Mary Sue self-insert story, Scarecrow who turned up in my room when I blinked?

While I reach for a lighter and my Bible, ruminate on Helios, Helion from A Golden Age, Apollo, Aurora and a thousand other sun characters who promoted goodness, virtue and mercy, even through their own folly. What’s more, God, the Holy Spirit and Christ are associated with the sun (For the Lord God is a sun and shield… Psalms 84:11). Consider on the Superversive ideal. The sun is our friend and the foundation of life on our planet. Subverting that sun is not desirable for this anthology. The works should ennoble the soul. Virtue should be promoted. When a man reads your story, will he then sit, book on his knee, and ponder something high-minded, or will he think of the dung at his foot? Will he find the spirit to fight on even one moment longer, or will he despair, for nothing really matters, and even the sun will die one day, taking us with it? It will, but that’s not gonna happen for a long time. That’s not the point, will your story warm his heart, or cool it?

Submissions will be open for the time being. This space will be updated.

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Deus Vult.