Signal Boost: Once Upon a Sorcerer

Once Upon A Sorcerer: A Wizard Academies Story

Penny Miller arrives at Kingsbridge Academy ready for her Third Year. After last year’s shenanigans, she’s looking forward to a normal school routine. Well, as normal as it gets at a school for Magickal children. It starts out as expected, laughing with friends and piles of homework and running to classes. And, of course, Ursula DeWinter and her cronies being as awful as always.

When something starts attacking the students in strangely familiar ways, Penny wonders if it doesn’t have something to do with the new instructor, Professor Moonbeam, a Sorceror visiting from the United States. But since he’s not Magickal, how can that be? She had better figure it out before whatever magick is creeping through Kingsbridge takes over the entire school.

So much for normal.

The sequel to Wizard Academies: The Kingsbridge Chronicles.


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