Twitter Lock Out


Rumors that “ass-backward tech company” Twitter would be launching a major purge of non-Leftist users have been circulating for a while now. I fully expected them to try it, having been targeted by Twitter’s passive-aggressive shadowban censorship before.

Now it looks like they’ve gone and done it. Overnight, an unknown number of conservative users’ accounts were summarily locked. Countless others lost followers in amounts ranging from a handful to thousands in what is being called the #TwitterLockOut.

Twitter and its ideological fellow travelers claim the lockout was implemented to shut down Russian bot accounts, which is a lot like an arsonist explaining he burned your house down to kill the evil leprechauns hiding in the walls.

Remember, this is the same company that denied shadowbanning their users until Project Veritas caught them on tape admitting to the deed.

Besides, I can assure Twitter that my good friend voice actor JimFear138 is neither Russian nor a bot.

JimFear138 LockOut

We all know the drill by now. Twitter’s ham-fisted censorship has nothing to do with stopping foreign spam accounts. Twitter openly declared which side of the culture war it was fighting on when it announced the members of its Trust and Safety Council, which gives the Committee of Public Safety a run for its money in the competition for Most Ironically Named Organization.

What the increasingly brazen actions of Twitter–and YoutTube, Google, Facebook, etc.–to censor their own users means is that the Left is out of arguments. They got so used to dealing with a complicit media and pliant, feckless “opposition” party that their debate skills completely atrophied. Now they can only try to silence dissent.

If you were locked out of your account or lost followers on Twitter, tweet in the #TwitterLockOut hashtag. Follow others who were locked out and lost followers. Show the bubble-dwelling mandarins of this ass-backwards tech company that we’re on to them, and we will not be silenced.

While you’re at it, contact President Trump, your Congressman, and your Senators. Demand that the Justice Department begin antitrust proceedings against the tech giants who’ve chosen to censor their users’ political speech.

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