Signal Boost: Galaxy’s Edge, Legionnaire After Action Report

This one is for the writers among us.

A little over a year ago, authors Nick Cole and Jason  Anspach were working on a project that went South because it turned out that one of the people involved lived a “different lifestyle” and other authors refused to work with this person.* Disappointed, the two of them decided to collaborate on something fun.

The result? Galaxy’s Edge…a fun “Star Wars Not Star Wars” universe full of space opera and adventure. The first book, Legionaire, is described as: Stormtroopers in Afghanistan

The Galaxy is a Dumpster Fire

A hot, stinking, dumpster fire. And most days I don’t know if the legionnaires are putting out the flames, or fanning them into an inferno.

A hostile force ambushes Victory Company during a reconnaissance-in-force deep inside enemy territory. Stranded behind enemy lines, a sergeant must lead a band of survivors against merciless insurgents on a deadly alien world somewhere along the galaxy’s edge. With no room for error, the Republic’s elite fighting force must struggle to survive under siege while waiting on a rescue that might never come.

When you think you’ve surrounded the Legion… you’ve just made your last mistake.


The series was an instant success. Not just an ordinary success, but a mega success. And with the books that have come since, it has just continued to skyrocket.

Nick and Jason then took pity on the rest of us and decided to put together an After Action class telling others how they managed this amazing launch. They recorded the talk, which is available for the rest of us. It is pricey but many feel the price is worth it. The talk is filled with specifics and advice on how to negotiate today’s Amazon market.

Legionnaire After-Action Report


* — The different lifestyle — Amish.  Apparently, being Amish meant that the gentleman supported the Patriarchy and this was too much for some of the authors in the project to take. Very mature and professional behavior there, on the part of these SJWs.  Oh. Wait.  I meant the other thing.